Basic Kit: The minimum necessary for participation
M1 Helmet w/ Liner
M1936 Combat Suspenders
M1923 10 Pocket Cartridge Belt
M1928 Haversack
M1910 Canteen, Cup, and Cover
M1942 Pouch, First Aid Packet
M1910 T-Handle Shovel & Cover or M1943 Entrenching Tool & Cover
M6 Gasmask Bag
O.D. Blanket
Shelter Half w/ Poles, Pins & Rope
Cap Wool Knit, M1941
M1926 Knife, Fork & Spoon & M1932 or M1942 Meatcan
Dog Tags & Chain
M1 Garand w/ Bayonet & Scabbard

Advanced Kit: Pick these up when you can
Raincoat or Poncho
Winter Combat Jacket (Tanker Jacket)
Mackinaw Jacket
M1936 Field Bag (Musette Bag)
M1943 Sweater (Five Button) or V-neck Sweater
Overshoes, Arctic, (Cloth Top)
Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm
Cap, HBT
HBT Trousers & Shirt (Cargo Pocket)
M1943 Pants Field
M1939 or M1942 Overcoat
Sleeping Bag
Dress Uniform

The basic weapon of the infantryman is the M1 "Garand" Rifle. The infantry platoon's support weapons were: 1919A4, M1919A6, and M1917 machine guns, and 60mm mortars. The squad automatic weapon was the Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR). M1 or M1928 Thompson submachine guns & M3 submachine guns also made their way into the hands of the infantrymen though they were not issue items for infantry squads. Carbines and pistols were, for the most part, the weapons of officers, vehicle and gun crews, and the rear echelons. At a reenactment, bring the weapon appropriate to your role. Don't expect to pack a pistol if you're a private in a rifle squad!