We are a World War Two Living History/Reenactment club whose mission is educational and memorial. Members portray soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division - 7th Infantry Regiment as they appeared from 1941 to 1945 using authentic uniforms, weapons, equipment, and tactical organization.

Through study, archival research, and veteran interviews, we strive to refine our impressions so that we may accurately preserve the history and traditions of the W.W.II soldier for posterity. Our research culminates when men, weapons and vehicles take to the field in actual recreations of battle scenarios, both publicly and in private, for the educational enrichment of the spectator and participant.

Public programs range from small static displays of uniforms and equipment to live demonstrations of the deployment of infantry teams. Public programs are generally limited to those museums, veterans reunions, and events related to W.W.II infantry. Private battle reenactments are semi-choreographed full scale, real time, historical recreations of battle situations that allow participants to capture for themselves something of the experience of the W.W.II soldier. A private reenactment is something like a theatrical performance where the participants are both audience and actors. Attendance at private reenactments is by invitation only, spectators are not present.