AUTHENTICITY, AUTHENTICITY, AUTHENTICITY!!! Doing a top notch impression requires the right uniforms and equipment. You must have all the items listed in the Basic Kit if you are going to look the part. Many of them can be found at fleamarkets, second hand stores, vendor areas at events or through the numerous reproduction uniform and equipment companies on the internet. If you buy the wrong equipment or uniforms you will not be allowed to use them so inform yourself and buy carefully. If you are unsure of something, please ask senior unit members for assistance. If you have trouble obtaining the required items, let senior members know and we can assist in getting you loaner items until you can secure the items. We are a “brotherhood” and we are here to help. Remember, no modern, anacronistic material is permitted at reenactments. Leave your modern eye-glasses, digital wristwatches, styrofoam coolers, coke cans, BIC lighters, and so forth, at home! Be sure to view the following page detailing the equipment and weapons requirements.